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God.Family.Hunting. The 1st 2 are what life is all about. The last is just what we love to do as a family and it is the platform God has given us to share our faith and encourage families to spend time together.

Through God.Family.Hunting., we hope to be able to offer opportunities for families to come together, grow in their faith and sharpen their skills in the outdoors. As a family, we are on the road for many months of the year traveling to hunting expos and archery events setting up archery tournaments. It’s awesome to be able to connect with people all over the country, talk hunting and learn new technics from their years of hunting experience.

We always love sharing our passion with people and its especially cool to be able to introduce people to archery for the first time. This T.V. thing is totally new for us. We are very excited to learn and grow in this new adventure. The girls and I are each others camera crew and we are also going to be doing all the show editing. Learning how to tell a story and capture it on film is going to be a fun family adventure.

God.Family.Hunting, the show, will be about our Faith, our family life, and our hunting success as well as failures. We are not professional hunters or professional videographers, but we do hope you will join us as we grow in this. We are excited to see what doors God will open and how He can use all of us for His greater good. God bless!!!

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